Me. Myself. And my four kids.

Something I realized early on when I first became a mama was that the universe starts affording one certain liberties that may not have been so easily bestowed on her before then. Things like being tardy, not cooking, having a messy home, being flaky, all of a sudden didn’t need an explanation beyond that I had a child.

Now, imagine having four kids.

I am pretty sure that from now on I will never have to explain myself again about anything to anyone. It is a surprisingly liberating thought.

Of course, the flip side of this is that I have four kids. The reality of which has made itself quite clear since Dev went back to work after his month-long leave. For the last few days, I have spent all of my time surrounded by my gaggle of little humans. What is that like you ask?

Well, someone is always hungry. Someone is always talking. Someone is always making a mess. Someone is always needing reminders for something or the other. Someone is usually losing their marbles over something (me included).

The amount of talking I do on a daily basis has doubled if not tripled, simply because there are a lot of times throughout the day when I am nursing the baby with nothing but words to break up fights or give encouragement, or keep my kids from turning their virtual classroom camera in my direction.

Going for walks has been another fun venture. I literally feel like a mama duck with a trail of ducklings following closely behind; quacking loudly non-stop of course.

And now for what one expects when reading such updates. A twist that suggests that in spite of all the craziness, life is good; that it has never been better.

Would you believe me if I said so?

I hope you do. Because I can’t explain how we have managed to incorporate another human in our life with the kind of joy that didn’t exist before now. How I have gained 6 arms that are always ready and willing to fetch things. How I hear some of the sweetest things I have ever heard as the older kids talk to Ari. How everyone has stepped up to help with chores like never before. How we all have been better about giving hugs and forgiving each other for outbursts of emotions. How we are all laughing a lot more. How we still bake, cook, craft, and play as if nothing has changed. How my heart now lives in four different places and has never been happier.

Sunshine feels sunnier. Life feels amplified.

In conclusion, life with four kids is more manageable and fun than how it may appear from the outside. The inconveniences are temporary. The payback for every effort is ten folds (simply because you can’t believe you can get so much done with a baby in one hand, and three others buzzing around you constantly). And on days when nothing gets done, you simply take a deep breath and tell yourself that no explanation is needed.

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