When you forget how many clothes you own.

Since moving back to our renovated home, I have slowly made my way through all the packed boxes that we had left in our attic. I was stunned (STUNNED!) that 50% of those boxes were marked Chika’s Clothes. I really had no idea I owned so many clothes!

A month after having Ari, my selection of what I fit into comfortably is expanding little by little. It’s an exciting day when I get to wear something new. Exciting enough to take a Selfie despite the un-plucked eyebrows and dark circles! : )

My favorite piece in this picture is the wool jacket handed down to me by my sister. Practical and timeless, I’ve worn it for at least 15-years. Surrounded by my filled-to-the-brim closet each morning, I am realizing that I want everything I own to feel practical and timeless just like this little jacket.

Have you already done a closet purge with this in mind? If so, tell me, how did you dispose of your still-good but unwanted clothes? I’d love your tips on lesser known donation options or selling platforms if you’ve got any.

Oh and get this! Just when I thought I was done unpacking all those Chika’s Clothes boxes, I found one more yesterday hidden with the kids’ toys. I wanted to scream! I mean, what could I still be missing, I have no idea. I plan to unravel the mystery this weekend and hope it’s not all disappointing.

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