This morning I spent 2-hours (128 minutes to be exact) subscribing from various emails and promotions from my three inboxes. I feel 10-lbs lighter and so much happier!

Some of them I had subscribed to willingly with the best of intensions, and others just showed up because who we all know how the Internet seems to have its own mind! Overtime, the unread portion of my inboxes were starting to feel like real, actual, weight on my shoulders. Every time I opened my inboxes I felt mad, sad, and like a slacker who couldn’t clean up after herself!

In case you are wondering just how many things did I unsubscribe from … drum roll please …


Yeah!! And that actually doesn’t even cover everything. I just ended up deleting all the unread promotional emails after 128 minutes, and decided that whatever else pops up from now on, I will unsubscribe as soon as it hits my inbox.

Instead of subscribing, I decided to update my Favorites/Bookmark list on my web browser by making sure that I have all the blogs and websites I love, for when I am ready to read them. I really don’t want to be pinged every single time they have a good idea you know! Not necessary.

Turns out, digital clean-up feels just as satisfying as scrubbing the bathroom. :)

Oh and all your subscribers of The Antibland Chronolicles, no offense taken if you decide to unsubscribe and just bookmark the website instead. In fact, I’d encourage it. I’d rather have your happy smiling faces than annoyed selves for when another unimportant email hits your inbox.

On that note, Happy Hump Day! Wishing you lots of productivity and good vibes before the weekend gets here.

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