Two of my favorite girls.

As a second child in an era when owning cameras at home wasn’t a thing, I think the number of my baby pictures ranges in at about 25-35. Isn’t that wild? Considering that on most days that’s the amount of pictures I take in a day thanks to my smartphone.

I haven’t been very good about storing those pictures in one place (some are with me, some at my parents, some with my sister) but I am adding a new year’s resolution to make myself a “baby book”. Feels so silly evening saying it out loud, but boy I can’t wait. ; )

In the meantime, sharing this picture from circa 1987 if my memory serves me right. It’s a digital copy on my computer so I can’t easily flip it to see the exact year handwritten in blue ball point pen by my dad. My sister is at the head of the bike in the white and red dress. My cousin Veeral is in the middle. And I am in that yellow turtleneck sporting a “boy-cut”. According to my mom, detangling my sister’s hair and braiding them was such a daily chore that she decided to spare herself from doing it twice. As a result, my hair was always short growing up.

I can’t help looking at my sister and thinking how much she looks like Asha. Case in point below.


It makes my heart swell with pride. My sister and my Asha – two of my most favorite girls. They share a connection that is so utterly their own that it isn’t a surprise that their younger selves look alike too.

So tell me, have you looked at your baby pictures recently?

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