Halloween Inspired Fortune Teller

I have a feeling that this year we will all be celebrating Halloween with lots of twists. Our family is taking a little road-trip out of town and I have promised my kids a Halloween inspired scavenger hunt in our hotel room (fingers crossed it is as fun as I hope it will be).

But in the meantime, we’ve also been crafting some hilarious Fortune Tellers out of construction paper and making each other laugh with some spooky and kooky fortunes.

There are plenty of online tutorials that show you how to make a fortune teller should you need help (here is one). To make it extra challenging and educational (because I am Indian after all), I chose to draw pictures of things that Asha and Arjun have to spell out.

Ajay is having fun with them as well because even though he can’t read or spell, he recognizes the pictures and pretends to play along happily.

Yet another chance to get little hands busy with a craft, all the while celebrating a fun holiday. Happy Halloween everyone!

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