Making Roti with Asha

Growing up with a mom and an older sister who are excellent cooks, means that my strength lies in three things when it comes to Indian food – eating, cleaning-up, and making roti

Roti, the almost paper-thin flat bread which accompanies most Gujarati food is made from a dough of whole wheat flour, salt, and water, which is then rolled into 6 to 8-inch circles, before cooking and charing over open fire. I am not sure why this job was the only one relegated to me in the kitchen, but I am thankful, because now it’s something I can do well even with my eyes closed (not that I’ve tested this, but you know!).

2018-09-28 02.41.38 1.jpg

And while I am 100% sure that Asha will have to look to her aunties and grandmas to learn the secrets of Indian cookery, I am pleased to pass along my roti making skills along with a couple of other Indian dishes that I have mastered in order to continue to keep my title of an Indian person. ;)

Now that Asha is in Kindergarten, each day we have some time before the boys get home to do tasks that otherwise are maddening when tackled with her brothers around. Last week, that task was making rotis! She made four rotis, all of which were perfectly edible and tasty!

Happy to have gained a new cook in my Indian kitchen! = )

2018-09-28 02.41.35 1.jpg

2018-09-28 02.41.36 1.jpg

2018-09-28 02.41.33 1.jpg

2018-09-28 02.41.31 1.jpg

2018-09-28 02.41.28 1.jpg

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