The One-Handed, No-Recipe Recipe for French Toast

It started a few weeks ago when all out of ideas, I asked my mini sensei Asha about what I should do for dinner. Without wasting a minute, she shouted out “breakfast”. Duh!! 

That night I simply made some scrambled eggs I think, but for the next breakfast for dinner night I decided to be even more “lazy” shall we say. Ajay who was having one of his teething spells was attached to my hip, and so with one hand I pulled out my Pyrex baking dish and added some milk + cracked 4 eggs + cinnamon. I dunked Trader Joe’s brioche bread slices in the whisked misture, turning them once to coat on both sides. The pan went in the fridge until dinner (about 2.5 hours later) at which point I simply cooked them on a griddle with some butter. On the side I defrosted a bowl of blueberries and a bowl of red berries (Costco mix of frozen strawberries, cherries, raspberries), and had a big salad and veggies plate.

Asha was so impressed that when she came home she made place cards for all of us and plated all our food. There were no complains about finishing dinner that night, let’s just say. They even ate more veggies than they usually do I think.

Not that it’s completely healthful, but with those eggs, milk, berries, and veg, I think we evened out pretty okay. Also the “weekend” is already a winner and doesn’t need more reasons to be loved. A Wednesday night however, could use some french toast love, don’t you think!

P.S. – For seven slices of TJ brioche, I used 4 eggs (one for each member at the dinner table), about a cup of milk, and a tablespoon or so of cinnamon. You could bake it but I simply cooked it on the stove top.

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