Lavender-Lemon Sugar Scrub

I loooove me some coconut oil. And so when I came across it in our favorite warehouse store whose name starts with a C and ends in an O, I could hardly contain my joy. I remember purchasing the two organic 84 fl. oz pack and thinking of all the baking, cooking, moisturizing, and deodorant-making I was going to do from then on. I mean, I would use it up in no time you know (good intentions are so important).

Well, if I didn’t know it then, I know it now that there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. (cough…one of those tubs may or may not have moved with us from Chicago…cough). Especially when it comes to a product like coconut oil that can easily go rancid, buying so much of it was a terrible idea.

So after giving away a lot of it to anyone who wanted some, and using it to slather it on my skin and my kids’ skin, and cooking and baking with it a bit too (deodorant making didn’t quite happen), I still had a jelly-jar size hanging out in my fridge. A perfect size to ignore without any guilt.

But then, I was working on an assignment for Raleigh Mom’s Blog about kids and beauty and figuring out a fun way to have a spa-date at home with the littles. In a light-bulb moment I figured I would use that coconut oil to make a fun scrub for the kids.

Using no special recipe, I basically melted a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil and added white granulated sugar to it until it resembled wet beach sand. Then I added a few sprigs of lavender which grows in our yard along with a couple of drops of lemon extract which I use for baking. Long story short, the spa-date was a hit for my RMB story, but more importantly, I came away wishing I had A LOT more of that scrub.

My facial skin is horribly sensitive. But this scrub made an excellent exfoliator and moisturizer before bed time. My hands, just get washed way too much and not lotioned enough, also loved the scrub. So, I got my troop together to help me harvest some more of the lavender and together we made a big jar of it for mama. Still, the jar lingers though. Looks like deodorant-making is in my future after all.

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