’tis The Season!

If only I put this much thought and effort in celebrating Indian holidays as I do Christmas! Our home is the most festive it has ever been. And thank god for it, because beside being the season for merriment, it is also the season for an endless cycle of coughs and colds, and dealing with the extra whining, clinging, and spontaneous bursts of emotions, is better done when surrounded by pretty decorations.

Christmas tree got it’s first run of decorations by the kids. Seeing their excitement and happy faces was the best thing ever. Here is what the tree looked like when we finished:

The next day I took it all off and did it my way. They didn’t notice in case you are wondering. Here is the after:

We also made three gingerbread houses!

And I am not sure just how I will part with this wall of wreaths when the holidays are over!

The only thing I haven’t yet done this year is work on our Christmas cards! Ahh! I’ve received so many of your wonderful cards and it’s making me extra anxious! Hopefully with some magic I’ll get them done in time!

Hope all of you are staying well and having a wonderful holiday season too!

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