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I know it’s not quite Thanksgiving yet, but I am having one of those days when life truly seems like it can’t get any better. Well, it might get slightly better if the three kids slept through the night in their own beds, but you know, other than that, I am golden!In the past two weeks, I’ve had a true taste of what freelance writing is all about. I’ve had a chance to meet and talk to so many interesting people from around the nation who are doing so many interesting things! I am feeling lucky that I will get to collaborate with some of them on projects big and small in the coming weeks.

I am also putting the finishing touches on my children’s book of 100 first words in English and Hindi! I can’t wait to share it with you guys! I am so proud of how it turned out. It was a lesson in patience, creativity, and publishing, and I can’t wait to see how it is received by the universe! However things turn out though, in my brain, I already feel like a winner for just making this thing a reality!

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And speaking of books, we recently came across Deborah Underwood’s Interstellar Cinderella. It is the age old tale reimagined in a sci-fi world where Cinderella is a spaceship mechanic. We loved reading it and have since bought it as gifts. If you are in the market for a new book, give this one a try! Especially if you have a young girl to read to!

For those of you who also follow me on Instagram (@theantibland), know that I’ve finally pulled my beloved bike, Linus, out of hiding. It sat in the shed for so long because I was too lazy, or too hot, or too pregnant, to be riding around. But in the last three days with Devang home to watch Ajay, I’ve taken a break from the massive mini van and I LOVE IT! The hills are getting to me but you know, for every up-hill, there is a down-hill not too far off. For anyone wondering, I own a 3-speed version of this bike by the French-inspired company Linus!

Halloween came and went and I felt so unprepared. This was the first year when Asha and Arjun truly got into the spirit of costumes and trick-or-treating but I didn’t have enough time to plan a costume as a family. Asha was Belle, and Arjun wanted to be “Medium Moana” but ended up settling with an elephant hat. Ajay wore one of the kids’ old costumes of a monkey! Their minds were blown that such a day existed. It was very magical to watch as a parent!

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At the homestead I’ve finally reached a point where nothing in our home seems to fit the space. We brought most of it with us from Chicago and it just isn’t working. So I’ve befriended the strangers on Craigslist who are more than happy to pay me money to take these things off my hand. I am hoping to work with a professional to help me redesign the space. We don’t live in a big house and so everything needs to do double duty and I’ve realized my tinkering and DIY solutions are just not cutting it anymore! If you have recommendations of someone who would be good with it, please let me know!

Whenever someone asks me how life is like with three kids, I tell them that it feels like I am living in a carnival. It’s so chaotic and loud all the time. But of course, look at them! They are so freaking happy and cute, and I just can’t imagine why I would want to live any other way!

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