DIY Pom-Pom Garland

I am in love with the new pom-pom trend which seems to have made its way into everything including purses, shoes, clothing, and even jewelry! Last weekend, when Arjun and Asha were completely content with their own play without me being the referee, I quietly pulled out my crafting supplies and went to town at the kitchen table hoping to make something from my own pom-pom stash!

Supplies: scissors, catalog or magazine with preferably thicker pages than usual, butcher’s twine or yarn, glue gun (for quicker drying time) or regular glue, pom-poms if you’ve got some!

pom pom garland 1

Depending on the length that you desire, cut out several circles from the catalog/magazine. 1.5 to 2 inches seem like a perfect size, but you can go slightly bigger or smaller. They all don’t have to be even either. I chose pages that were especially colorful or had a fun pattern.

Lay out the circles in a line, then using glue or glue-gun attach the yarn or butcher’s twine and let it dry. Since I had more circles than I thought, I decided to double it up, so that the string was sandwiched between two rounds. It seemed to make the whole thing a bit more sturdy too.

pom pom garland 2

Lastly, using the glue-gun again, I added some pom-poms to the bottom of each circle! I think their neon color really made the whole thing pop!

This would make a really cool party decoration, or in my case, it looks pretty cool just hanging in Arjun’s room!

pom pom garland 3

So that’s it! These crafting moments are so rare these days that I can’t believe I was able to make something in one afternoon with two kids around! Guys, that’s what I call a miracle!

pom pom garland 5

The next time I get a chance, I really want to make one of these Polish Chandeliers! Have you seen them yet!? I love how colorful they are and wouldn’t it make for a really cute baby mobile?

Hope you have a lovely rest of the week!

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