Happy 7th Anniversary To Us!

I am not sure what this says about the type of people Devang and I are, but each year we have to double check our exact wedding anniversary since it is filed in our respective brain as ‘Memorial Day’ which as we know isn’t date specific. At least one of us forgets whether it is the 29th or the 30th, but just like a perfect marriage, the other one is quick to forgive and provide a non judgmental reminder! :)

This year, for lucky # 7, we were truly lucky to have a house full of family to celebrate with us. I hardly ever look through our wedding album but I busted it open and sat down with the kids to show them just what mom and dad looked like in their youthful days. For the most part, they were unimpressed. But the whole thing did give me an idea to put together a series of pictures from each of our year together as a married couple. For fun sake, I threw in the first ever picture we took together while on our first ever date. awwww….i know!

Happy Anniversary to my better half! Cheers to many more!

First Date – Top of the Hill, Chapel Hill. 2003
Devang and Chika during their wedding week in 2010
Wedding – Charlotte. 2010


MEXICO 2011 a
1st Anniversary – Mexico. 2011.
2 years – Vancouver/Seattle. 2012
3 years – North Beach. Chicago. 2013
4 years – Paris. 2014
5 years – Costa Rica. 2015
6 years – New Orleans. 2016
Lucky 7 – Raleigh. 2017


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