My New Favorite Activity

Not sure if this further solidifies my weirdness but my new favorite activity these days is weeding the garden! For a self professed plant killer, I am so happy to finally be useful.  There is something incredibly soothing and trance-like about getting those buggers out of the garden AND it is quite a workout.  I never knew this before.

Before you start thinking that I have too much time on my hands to grow a liking to these things, let me just say that time has nothing to do with it. I feel like I am always running around like a chicken with its head cut off, but now I have this new thing which forces me to slow down, play in the dirt, and appreciate the outdoors a little more.

In Chicago we didn’t have a yard, but here in Raleigh, there is an unending supply of weeds in our front and back yard.  I was oblivious to them, until I noticed how much time Devang spent outside even after his long days at work.  So one afternoon, when Arjun went down for a nap, I thought I’ll help out and pull a few weeds from around the herb garden and the hammock. Well, an hour later, I could clearly see that my OCD tendencies had taken over.

In the last few days, even when the weather was incredibly hot and humid, I found myself wanting to go outside to get the weeds out.  Yesterday, I wrestled with some big ones in the backyard which honestly I didn’t even know were weeds until Devang pointed them out; some of them can be very pretty I guess.  It was also a lesson in the hard work that goes in growing things.

I was at the packaging and training center for Counter Culture Coffee in Durham last week and while Arjun and I were playing around outside, I noticed a couple of weeds by the entrance. I tried to ignore them, but of course after a few minutes, I just had to pull them out. haha. Now, before you guys start inviting me over to your yards, let me just say that you need to try it for yourself first.

My two nephews are visiting for the week and they’ve seen me spend way too much time outside weeding the garden.  I think I have officially lost my standing as the cool aunt. ha! I put them to work too but I think they are a few years away from appreciating it’s rewards. = )

Before I sign off, I couldn’t help but share a few pictures of the flowers that are growing in the yard.  They definitely make for a beautiful flower arrangement!

I want to hear your thoughts on gardening.  Do you like it? Do you think you’d rather do something else? Would you give it a try after reading this?







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