A Surprise Birthday Party

I remember a couple of years ago when it was -42 degrees in Chicago during the winter and I decided to go out for a walk just to see what it feels like (I was numb in 60 seconds).  Last weekend was the opposite of that misery here in Raleigh with 100 degree heat and humidity. Still we managed to have a great time outside with a surprise party for Devang. Thanks to all the friends who came out to celebrate and again happy birthday Devang! Life is good and it’s an important reminder especially on days when others aren’t so lucky.  

**All the kids splashed around in the kiddie pool and the sprinkler as if it were a waterpark.  I have said it before, being around kids really puts life in perspective. It doesn’t take much to have a good time.  And there is always something to be thankful for.




**When it cooled a bit (like 80 degrees) we moved the party in the backyard which with the new deck is our most favorite part of the home.  There was enough room for the kids to spread out and play with spray guns and such while we hung out.  All that splashing earlier made for a good appetite too.




**Naturally there was a cake and candles to celebrate the birthday boy.  Thanks Dottie for talking some really sweet pictures!

Devang's birthday cake


Devang blowing birthday candles

Devang blowing birthday candles

**Here is little miss Chrissy who is the absolute perfect baby. I have never heard her cry and every time I see her, she has one more roll for me to squeeze and eat.  = )




**Thanks to all the friends who came out and helped with the party.  I feel so lucky to have such good people in my life.



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