Life Lately…

Can you recall your worst cold? Now combine it with your worst cough and then imagine all of that in a little baby.  Poor Arjun is going through what must be hell right now.  It would be so much better if he just knew how to blow his nose.  But alas, it’s a skill he still needs to learn and so his nose stays stuffed, crusted, and snotty all at once.  It is so awful to see him in this state.  But of course, he is dealing with it much better than I ever could.  He is still such a happy little boy.  I’ve taken him out on walks and bike rides and he seems to love the fresh air, the blooming daffodils, and the warm weather. Hopefully he will get over this bug soon.  

Thankfully Devang is off this week which means I can make up for rough nights by sleeping in a little.  When he is home, life seems infinitely easier and I forget how I am able to function when he isn’t home to help.  Arjun slept a little better last night, so this morning when we got downstairs around 7:00am, Devang already had the coffee going, the doors and windows were open with fresh morning air engulfing the living room, and NPR was on the radio. I mean come on guys… THIS is what I wish for every morning.

Asha is enjoying the countdown to her birthday which is in a few days.  We are celebrating the actual birthday with her friends at school and then having a small get-together at the playground the following weekend.  Usually, this time around in Chicago it is still too cold to host anything outdoors, so I am just beside myself to be in Raleigh where we can be outdoors and have the kids run around and enjoy the sun! Also, to kick-start the celebrations Asha and I are heading to watch her first ever live theater show this weekend.  Raleigh Little Theater is playing Miss Nelson is Missing.  Have you taken your young kids to watch a performance or a movie? I have this fear that Asha won’t sit still or that she will talk really loudly while the play is going on.  Well, I am not going to stress about it because it’s not a heart breaker if we have to walk out.  I just want her to see and do new things and if this is something she isn’t ready for, then we will just have to wait.  I can’t wait to see how it goes!

In other news, Devang has started planting seeds for the garden.  He is so good at this stuff! And of course I am infinitely happy that he has the patience to get Asha involved.  I am also getting a head start with spring cleaning and decluttering.  I have gone through all my clothes and finally gotten rid of everything that didn’t make me happy.  I’ve been selling it on eBay because honestly they were good clothes that I no longer wear.  I am still trying to figure out what my new active-mom-appropiate style is.  In fact I have decided to take a break from buying new clothes this year.  If I do get the yearning, my goal is to only spend what I make from getting rid of the old clothes.  This has already helped me stay away from “oh but this is such a good deal” thinking which is half the reason why my closet was so cluttered.  It is surprisingly liberating to have few options to pick from every morning.  I am rather enjoying wearing the same few comfortable things over and over again.  Next up, I am cleaning out the kids clothes.  I am wondering if it is worth it to make a big package and send it to a children’s non-profit in India.  If you know of any such organizations please let me know.

Well, I hope your week has been good too. It’s almost Friday!




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