March To-do list!

  • Start running outside: The weather outside is perfect right now and I am happy to be back amongst the lush green parks to take up running again.  I was so turned off by the whole running thing after my marathon back in 2011 and it was mainly because I missed running in nature as opposed to the urban setting of Chicago.  There are lots of running groups around here but for now I think I will be on my own until I can get my rhythm back.
  • Send Postcards: From time to time, I will look back on some really old blog posts. Mostly they are absolutely embarrassing to read and I always want to go back and delete them because they make me realize how stupid and overly dramatic I was. But in many ways, this blog is a journal that I have kept since 2008; longer than any pen-and-paper journal I’ve owned.  So for now it stays put for your entertainment, and also as a reminder of things that I’ve lost touch with.  For instance, POSTCARDS! I used to love getting postcards (I even have a postcard album) and I was so good about sending them from our vacations.  In an effort to get back in the habit (and honestly to get others to do the same for me) I will send a monthly postcard to anyone who will send me the request (via email or Facebook; please include your address).  The postcard will be a custom job by me so hopefully I can make it fun and interesting for you.
  • Learn new skills: Literally minutes before the midnight ball drop last year, I purchased a year long membership to  It is such an awesome way to watch tutorials on everything including photography to learning new software.  Specifically this month I want to look into e-book publishing.  I have several children’s story ideas (mainly inspired by Asha always asking for a new story) and I think it will be fun to put it in a book as a keep sake for Asha and Arjun as they get older.
  • Cook simple Indian food: I talked about this just a few days ago and since then I have tried a couple of new things. I can see my confidence building and so as not to lose momentum, I am going to continue on and may be even have a party at the end of the month to show off the skills.
  • Read a classic: Specifically I am thinking of Steinback’s Grapes of Wrath.  I feel like this is a good exercise to learn more about writing styles.
  • Learn French vocabulary: I would be really happy if I learned (and retained) 30 new French words this month.  I still haven’t started my French classes but at least this will keep my brain working until I find more time.

It’s doable right? Hope your March is off to a good start and please share any fun goals that you might have on your list!


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