yay to the extra day!

I am recovering from a perfect weekend you guys! And for a self professed Monday lover, it is extra awesome to know that it’s a Leap year.

There was a lot that went on this weekend, but one of the cool things that Asha and I did was take a Future Gardener planting class at Logan Trading Company.  We played with dirt, planted a swiss chard seed and then made-up a matching game with the seed packets in the garden store.  Some of the vegetable pictures were so pretty that I think I’ll be framing them to make some wall art.

And speaking of art, I couldn’t help but be inspired from our few visits to the nursery lately. I had two old canvases with some baby art which I didn’t care for anymore so I used one of the sample wall paints to cover it and then added some colorful flowers and plants.  I sat down to paint after SUCH A LONG TIME!! It is so peaceful and calming.  It even gave me a chance to catch up on This American Life podcasts.  Arjun must really like Ira Glass’s voice because he took one of those magical naps which left me with all this free time to get creative.

This weekend we also got to meet our friends Dottie and Greg’s new baby. Chrissy is absolutely perfect and holding her gave me baby fever! I mean Arjun is still so young but I miss those days when he was a nugget that didn’t do much other than sleep and eat (and poop).  Is there anything better than holding a fresh little baby in your arms? No…no there isn’t.

Devang’s parents came by Saturday too bearing lots of good homemade indian food.  They spent the day with the kids while we got some free time to relax and be out and about.  Devang’s dad being the guy who can build a mall out of a toothpick, pretty much fixed anything that needed fixing in the house including Arjun’s little baby walker.

I hope you enjoy this bonus day by doing something fun and have a great rest of the week!











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