Dining Room Update

One of the hardest things for me to do design wise is to hang pictures.  I always second guess myself and can’t commit to the picture or the space I picked and therefore have this perpetual fear of ending up with a wall full of holes.  Our Chicago home definitely paid for this fear since I barely hung anything on those walls.  In our new home though, I am learning to be a bit more bold.  This week I hung lots of pictures in the newly painted dining room.  The light in that room is great making it a good spot for our travel pictures.  It helped that the previous owners had left many nails still in the wall in all the right places. I had to hammer a few new ones but I realized that the best way to beat the fear is to stay away from a grid or straight line and instead pick a more fluid pattern.  It also helps to have picture frames that hang by the wire since those can be adjusted to fix the height without making a new hole.  And voil`a, I had nothing to worry about!

Here are some before and after pictures of the focus wall: The small Stockholm picture and the Vermouth picture are both framed kitchen towels.  The Russian nesting dolls were a recent gift from my sister who was in St. Petersburg.  Le Chat Noir has been with me for years and was rescued by Devang from the apartment garbage room.  The lamp is thrifted from Chicago.  The table is from Costco.  Roses are from our garden. I couldn’t help but add this picture of Arjun who sat on his Bumbo and was the perfect design assistant.

Dining RoomDining Room Picture Wall Roses Roses Roses in the Dining Room IMG_2279

3 thoughts on “Dining Room Update

  1. Looks beautiful! Love that you have roses in your garden that you can bring inside. I’m also afraid of hanging pictures. Maybe you can come over and help me when I’m in my new place. :)

  2. I love that vermouth towel! I like a more organic composition, too, unless all the frames are the same size. I am fearless when it comes to hanging pictures and maintain that it’s really not a big deal to have to make a couple of holes–probably since I have to at least half the time. :) go for it!

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