Today was one of those magical days when Arjun slept forever. It gave me a chance to unpack the last few boxes, organize some closets, rearrange the pantry, do the laundry, clean the bathroom, make dinner, hang pictures, and even wash my hair.  After every chore I would peek in his room to make sure he was okay and on hearing him snore peacefully I would give myself a high-five and run back out onto my next project. I accomplished more in those three hours than I have in the past two weeks!

(I just realized that I am getting giddy over clean sheets and washed hair. I need help.)

To celebrate, we picked up Asha from school and went straight to the neighborhood park. For once I saw other kids playing too which is not always the case for some reason.  Asha did some monkeying around while I tried to swat mosquitoes before they got to Arjun.  I think he got off unscathed but my exposed ankles paid the price.  At home the evening too went without a hitch (almost) and here I am doing what I am always too tired to do – blog! People, here’s to Winning…one day at a time!

wpid-2015-09-16-09.13.05-1.jpg.jpeg hanging out at the Oakwood Common Park in Raleigh NC hanging out at the Oakwood Common Park in Raleigh NC

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