I am so thankful…

Asha at a wine partySara lighting a candle at the wine party

…that I have friends who host the coolest dinners and want us to bring our kids.  Asha even had her own place setting.

dutch oven chicken in wine sauce

…for my Le Creuset dutch oven.  I finally started using it again because turning on the oven is just crazy talk on most summer days.  Yesterday I dumped a bunch of vegetables (potatoes, carrots, zucchini) with some skin-on bone-in chicken legs and let it simmer with some grapes, wine, water, thyme, and rosemary.  After a prep-time of six minutes and cooking-time of 45 minutes, I had the best chicken I have ever made.


…for my neighbor Anna’s rose bush which on some days seems to have more flowers than leaves.  Some of those roses are sitting on my dinning table causing Devang to ask every now and then, “are we expecting company?”.

…for the Logan Square farmers market. Rain or shine, people always come out.Logan Square Farmers Market - Come Play and Draw

…for the 606.  Having this park right in front of our house has been amazing.  More importantly, the grocery store which was a long walk away is now just five minutes away. I also get to see Asha and her friends on their walk while at school – a bunch of little kids walking in a line while holding a rope – a.k.a – nothing can be cuter!

…for the lettuce that Devang planted in the spring.  Right before lunch or dinner, I harvest the fresh leaves which taste even better right after it rains.

Asha getting a hair cut

…for Asha who sat completely still during her haircut and therefore for the first time had a cut that wasn’t sloppy.

baby ArjunWhen the little things work out, it makes the big things seem totally under control!

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