Happy one-month birthday Arjun!

Hey little guy. Happy birthday. You have no idea how hard it is not to eat you up! I was convinced that no one could get lucky the second time around, but you are such a good sleeper, eater, and an overall gentleman.  Mama couldn’t be more proud.  Thanks for keeping your cool through all your big sister’s singing and playing. She loves you and can’t wait to have you join in on the fun.  I can’t get over all the funny faces you make, especially when I sing to you. You have already made a trip to the zoo, to the farmers market, and a wine party in your short little life. Daddy and I can’t wait to take you to more fun places as you get older.  Continue to grow bigger and stronger (so that I can eat you up later).

Arjun and Chika Dev, Arjun, Dottie, Asha Arjun making a funny face

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