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This morning I woke up well rested thanks to Arjun who slept very peacefully throughout the night. And as if that wasn’t enough, he went right back to sleep after eating.  It was 5:30am.

It is almost like winning a jackpot – this combination of finding me-time while “me” is not tired.  I showered and although there were things to be done around the house, I decided to indulge myself and played with my camera, blogged, and caught up on the latest infomercial (for Body Beast…so crazy and entertaining) before watching some Netflix.  I loved this early alone time!

Yesterday, I spent most of the afternoon building a play-kitchen for Asha.  There were a million pieces and the process felt very close to what I assume is putting a real kitchen together (in fact this was harder because I couldn’t fit myself under the sink to put on the tiny screws and bolts).  All the while, I kept having flashbacks to last summer when I decided to blow-up a pool for Asha on our balcony – I couldn’t find a pump so I basically used my human lung strength and lugged bowls of water from the sink to fill it up. After spending so much time on it, I was so proud to show it off to Asha who played in it for exactly 2 minutes and decided the plants and the chairs were more interesting than the pool.  I was hoping the play-kitchen would get a little more reaction.  Thankfully, my efforts were not futile this time and she appreciated it more than I could have imagined.

This week has been good. I am feeling better, the sense of routine is returning, friends are coming by to say hello, and my mom arrives today from Charlotte. All in all, I am feeling really positive and happy.  And now for some pictures…

IMG_0803 IMG_0786 IMG_0773 IMG_0754 IMG_0720 IMG_0806

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