Just in Time for New Year Resolutions, a look back at – “Best Things That Could Happen To Me”


I found this gem of a note card amidst my piles of papers on the night stand.  Wish I had dated it but it’s safe to assume it is not older than Asha.  Finding it made me laugh but it also made me feel good for still having the ability to dream without limits (something that is so easy to do as a kid but a lost art as an adult).

For those who might not be able to read my cursive handwriting:

  • Publish a book and become a well known author
  • Publish in The New Yorker
  • Write for Magazines
  • Have a successful Blog
  • Live abroad and write about it
  • Guest on WWDTM [Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me]
  • Present a story idea on TAL [This American Life]
  • Work with children in India
  • Make something and sell it
  • Have a TV show [like to add that I was probably thinking of either a cooking or a travel show]
  • Work for Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Work for India Tourism
  • Travel the world with my children [and their dad of course]
  • Speak and write fluent French
  • Speak on TED

Well, I better get started!

Do you have crazy dreams too?

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