Just in Time for New Year Resolutions, a look back at – “Best Things That Could Happen To Me”


I found this gem of a note card amidst my piles of papers on the night stand. Β Wish I had dated it but it’s safe to assume it is not older than Asha. Β Finding it made me laugh but it also made me feel good for still having the ability to dream without limits (something that is so easy to do as a kid but a lost art as an adult).

For those who might not be able to read my cursive handwriting:

  • Publish a book and become a well known author
  • Publish in The New Yorker
  • Write for Magazines
  • Have a successful Blog
  • Live abroad and write about it
  • Guest on WWDTM [Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me]
  • Present a story idea on TAL [This American Life]
  • Work with children in India
  • Make something and sell it
  • Have a TV show [like to add that I was probably thinking of either a cooking or a travel show]
  • Work for Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Work for India Tourism
  • Travel the world with my children [and their dad of course]
  • Speak and write fluent French
  • Speak on TED

Well, I better get started!

Do you have crazy dreams too?