The Perfect Saturday

We have a video monitor to keep an eye on Asha since her room is on a different floor than ours.  She’s been sleeping in her toddler bed these days and the transition has been amazing in more ways than one.  Now, instead of yelling “mama wake up” into the monitor at 6:30am, she starts playing with her toys and books.  It’s one thing to see her do this when we are around and another when she is alone. There is a lot of singing, a lot of story telling, and overall a lot of funny and cute behavior that makes for perfect entertainment while we lay in our bed. All I can think of as I watch this is that just yesterday she was a teeny tiny baby that fit in my arms.  Good thing there is another one due any day now because she is growing up too fast.

Today was one of those perfect Saturdays (sans the weather of course which seems to be in denial of Spring) when Asha, Devang and I spent time doing all the things we love to do.  There was playing, lounging, baking, and an excursion to the Field Museum.  It was a great day that ended with me eating cheesy Doritos while watching TV.  Life’s good ya’ll and I am so grateful.

chocolate chip cookie dough on baking tray cookie tin and almond biscotti Asha eating homemade cookies Lake Michigan by Shedd Devang and Asha on Museum Campus Devang and Asha at Field Museum Spring trip to Field Museum Asha at Field Museum pregnant belly shot at Field Museum


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