2015 – The Year of Doing.

I think my nesting hormones in the second trimester acting up. Lately I have been in the mood to organize and decorate everything around me. We’ve been in our condo for almost two years without any complaints but it’s now – when I can’t carry things easily, move furniture, or breath in paint fumes – that all I want to do is move furniture and paint things.

To my husband’s fear I have been watching DIY tutorials online as if it’s  my full time job.  The words French-country are ringing in my head constantly! (This is trouble  because we like in a modern, industrial, clean lines home). But oh the possibilities!! It’s  all so wonderful to think about.

I am being cautious though and starting small. My first project has been re painting the natural wood step stools from IKEA using Chalk Paint. Oh and I finally started using the sewing machine my mom had given me 4 years ago to make a pillow case out of an old dress. Not a bad start to the year of doing.

chalk paint step stool and first pillow case

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