My little budding farmer

Asha and Devang Gardening
 On Tuesday Asha helped her daddy pick the ripe blueberries and tomatoes on our balcony. She had her little overalls on too and I could have eaten her up!

Devang is good about having her around when taking care of all the plants inside and outside the house. Hopefully she will inherit his green thumb and make up for my constant unintentional acts that almost kill our plants. (Like when I picked all but three leaves from the entire basil plant to make my caprese skewers. Thankfully the plant survived my attack and seems to be on the rebound.)

Also, check out that head of cabbage! There are Brussels sprouts behind it and also some green onions and peas. I can only imagine how well we will eat when we have an actual yard.
 Asha and Devang GardeningAsha and Devang Gardening
Fresh fruits and vegetables from our home garden

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