Chicago Bulls

We had suite tickets for the Bulls vs. Hawks game on Saturday. The weather was, for a lack of a better word, crappy all day long and so I wondered if many people would care to venture out to the United Center for the game.

Ventured they did, in throngs in fact; it was pretty much a full-house. This was Asha’s first Bulls game and she didn’t know what to make of so many people and so much noise. But soon enough she got into the music and the cheering, and yelled and clapped as if she knew what was going on in the game. Dad was happy to see that Baby has not inherited Mom’s indifference to sporting events.

But even for me, watching a game from the suite was quite a treat. It comes with an indoor room, comfortably furnished with lots of food and drinks. There is a TV in case you prefer to watch something other than the game. And around the 3rd quarter they bring by the dessert cart.  Need I say more? Actually, yes, there is one more thing, a private bathroom that is clean and has no lines.

I realize that watching a game in the arena also comes with extra entertainment usually skipped on TV during time-outs and halftime . The Bulls won which was the icing on the cake. We’ll definitely be doing this more often.

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Chika Gujarathi is a freelance writer and a mother of three from Raleigh, NC. She writes for national and local publications about lifestyle, travel, books, and of course, motherhood! Her most current project involves illustrating and publishing a children’s Hindi book. When not adventuring with her family in the minivan, you can find her riding the streets of Raleigh on her beloved bike Linus.

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