Glass half full.

I am sure there are a hundred reasons out there to get you angry, frustrated, tired, anxious, and sad.  The humidity, the traffic, the heat, the burnt coffee, the piling laundry, the dirty dishes, the dust bunnies under the bed, the growing love handles…
Don’t let any of it get to you. It’s an order!

I am having so much fun this summer. Linus, camera, and I have been busy seeing interesting places and hanging out with lovely people. Here are some pictures from Last sunday’s picnic and a visit to see Lichtenstin at the Art Institute.

What are you up to this summer?

Linus is making new friends! Beautiful bikes from last sunday’s Women-Who-Bike Brunch.
Outside the Art Institute, seconds before it started to pour!
Sara, Glenn, Sachin, and Dev enjoying the freebies at the member’s lounge at the Art Institute.

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