Summer Picnics

 I rode my bike along the Lakeshore trail today and was amazed at the many shades of blue shimmering in the water and the sky. This is the reason Chicagoans put up with the nasty winters. It’s as if our memories are erased at the first glimpse of a nice day. No wonder every winter seems like a surprise. If someone out there with a boat wants to adopt a new friend, please let me know.

I was headed to meet a few awesome ladies who love bicycles and picnics. Drinking a Mimosa from a plastic cup and eating potluck is my new favorite thing.  Chances are sooner or later you too will find yourself at a picnic this summer. If you are looking to take something along to share with your friends, consider my tiny fruit and cheese kebabs. They are so simple and effortless to put together. This morning I chose to make some using tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil, and others with grapes, blackberries, and pineapple.

Here’s to summer!

One thought on “Summer Picnics

  1. Great photos! Your fruit and cheese kebabs were a huge hit. I'll definitely be using this idea in the future. :)

    I agree that the beautiful summers erase bad winter memories.

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