2nd Wedding Anniversary.

And I thought birthdays came around too often! Strangely enough, I can’t recall what life was like before being married while simultaneously feeling like a new bride.  It’s too bad that most people think of the honeymoon as a phase. I have made a decision to be on a perpetual honeymoon and it’s working.  (I can hear my sister saying under her breath that I need to wait till I have kids and re access).

Purple and Green Asparagus
Compound herb butter for the radishes. In the background – steamed asparagus with lemon, and Wisconsin Sheep’s milk Gouda cheese.
Devang and I started dating during the last semester of our senior year at UNC. It started with lunch at Spotted Dog in Carbarro; progressed to dinner at Top of the Hill; then a drunken stop over at Cosmic Cantina; and finally some Cheerios out of the box in Carmichael. It’s as if we were making up for all the missed meals we could have shared together had we started dating earlier. This was 2003 and we were both in our early 20s completely oblivious to what was to come ahead.
So today to celebrate our 2 years, or rather 10, I decided to go French for my bébé. I steamed some mussels in garlic-wine-butter-parsley sauce. Chopped a medley of different radishes in little disks to eat with compound butter, salt, and bread. Steamed some fat purple and green asparagus which is all over the farmers market this time of the year. A nice chunk of sheep’s milk gouda didn’t hurt things either.
Happy anniversary my love. You make being happy very easy. Ja t’aime.

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