My Urban Garden – a progress report.

I am taking marital liberties when I say this urban garden is a fruit of my labor. Devang has done most of the work from buying, to planting, to watering. Since I killed an un-kill-able bamboo plant once,  my job has been limited to making labels and admiring the foliage from afar. Given how well these seedlings are doing, I must say I have done well. 
The potted seedlings sit on the windowsill next to my bed. Every morning when I wake up, I can see the new green shoots peaking out from the dirt. This morning, the change was unreal. The green beans practically grew overnight and the swiss chard is also getting nice and tall. The Cilantro is finally sprouting. The Rosemary is still a dud. 
Time has come to transfer most of these little sprouts into bigger pots. Devang is getting more soil tomorrow, at which point I will take more pictures while he does the hard work. 
Meantime, anyone out there compost in their little apartment without making the whole place stink? I want to hear from you. 

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