Do you re read books?

I just re read The Great Gatsby for the third time. Every couple of years it feels like I have forgotten just enough to enjoy another read. I don’t mean that my details on the story are sketch, just that I could use a refresher on Fitzgerald’s writing style. It is truly clever and entertaining. Each time without fail I find something more that I like about Nick Carraway. Luckily the story is short reducing the time it takes for a redo.

Another book that I recently read again is Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway. I didn’t quite get it the first time around.

Jack Kerouac’s Dharma Bums is next on the list. I read it the first time at a friend’s recommendation and didn’t quite understand the big deal about it. Kerouac’s writing style was hard to get into and I missed the point I think. It felt like a drunken rambling. May be second time is a charm.

Do you have a book which you have read more than once?

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Chika Gujarathi is a freelance writer based in Raleigh, NC. She writes about everything from travel, food, books, and family. Her current project includes a series of children's books to teach Hindi. She is a native Tar Heel who has also lived in Washington DC and Chicago.

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