Cream Cheese Remixed!

I had plans to bake a cheesecake this morning. Then I went to the farmer’s market and started melting in the heat. I came home with a baguette and a new plan which had nothing to do with turning on the oven.

Flavored cream cheese.

I halved the 8 ounce pack of plain cream cheese. To the first half I added finely chopped scallions, red pepper, and kosher salt.

I used that vegetable cream cheese to make lunch sandwiches layered with tomato, cucumber, Basil leaves, arugula, boiled egg, and then a drizzle of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar, salt, and pepper.

To the second half I added finely chopped walnuts and honey. I spread the honey walnut cream cheese on my home made coffee bread with a little bit of apricot preservers.

I didn’t miss the cheesecake at all.

I felt very thrift making my own flavored cream cheese. And the possibilities of flavors are endless: sun dried tomatoes, jalapeno and cilantro, maple syrup and pecans, olives and capers…

Try it for yourself.Β 

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