Book Signing – David Lebovitz


View when I first walked in.

I went to a book-signing event last night. My very first.

David Lebovitz, whose blog I read every day (sometimes twice a day) was(is) in Chicago at Hotel Allegro which is literally just three blocks up the road from my office.
I love David. I sometimes secretly pretend that he and I are best friends having a conversation about overrated cupcake stores while drink a glass or two of Sancerre . I am strange that way.

I didn’t quite know what to say to him when I approached the table. He saw that I was a little aw-struck so he almost jumped up and said “you are here, you are finally here”. It made me laugh and put me at ease. The first words out of my mouth were “David I am a big fan but I’ve never baked any of your recipes.” He gives a chuckle and says “That’s okay”. While he signed my book (The Sweet Life), I told him about my recent trip to Paris with my sister and how much fun we had. We talked about the weather, took some pictures, and then I walked away thinking “I just shook hands with David Lebovitz. I am never washing them again.”

Seeing him in person and having a conversation with him made me love him even more. He talks the way he writes; with a sense of wit and humor. I love David. Did I already mention that? 

David signing books. The red shirt lady to the left was selling the books.

This lady took longer than I would have cared for.  

I wonder if all Book signings are just a whole lot of people waiting and milling about.

I was telling him to personalize the book here, and he very kindly did.

There wasn’t much else to do after getting my book signed, so I just ate the free food (delicious walnut crepes with rhubarb chutney) and drank my limoncello.

Another shot of the event from where I was sitting and eating my crepe.

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