During the summer months of my formative years, my mom used to buy copious amounts of mangoes varied in type and ripeness. There were juicing mangoes, pickling mangoes, cooking mangoes, and of course the meant-to-be-eaten-raw mangoes. 

Of this last category, the ones that were still green were carefully wrapped in newspaper and put aside in a dark corner of the kitchen pantry. My mom would sniff her inventory every day and pull out the ones that were ready to be consumed instantly. I never strayed far from her when she did this; always amused by the now golden fruit resembling the shades of a Fall leaf.

My house, in the summer, always smelled of ripe mangoes.

I was at the vegetable market this past weekend and couldn’t restrain from picking up an entire case of 12 mangoes. Devang gave me a you-know-it’s-just-the-two-of-us look and I simply ignored it. Most of them were green when I bought them but now they are changing color. My apartment has a faint smell of ripe mangoes and when I close my eyes I am able to pretend that summer is here.

Recipes to try

Fresh Mango Bread – Joy the Baker

Mango Tatin Tartlets – La Tartine Gourmande

Scallop Mango Tartlets – Kitchen Window, NPR

Saffron and Mango cannolis – Monica Bhide – NPR

Pineapple Mango Salsa – The Pioneer Woman

Mango Daiquiris – Ina Garten – Food Network

5 thoughts on “Mangoes

  1. u must be missing the kind and diff varieties of mangos u get india…and not to forget the achars and the chutneys u can make out of it!!! miss baa for her delicious “Vaghariyu” if u remember!!! =)

  2. I miss eating Vaghariyu and roti. My managoes are too ripe now to try making it. I'll have to try next time. I'll let you know how it compares to Baa's.
    Meantime, have a “gola keri” on my behalf. yummm!

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