Themed Dinner Night – French.

When Devang is on-call at the hospital, I take the opportunity to watch Real Housewives of…and eat ice cream for dinner. It’s true. Sometimes I do laundry, but on most nights I just lazy around watching TV and eating whatever I feel like. For a change, I decided to be a little more productive last night. Paris was still on my mind and I realized I hadn’t seen my girl friends in a while. I combined the two thoughts and came up with a brilliantly genius idea: A French themed dinner and movie night. 
I rented a couple of movies from the Library (Gigi, An American in Paris) and got to cooking some simple everyday French fair.On the menu:
Baked eggs with Provençal herbs and Parmesan cheese.
Classic salad with French dressing.
Salad of pears, green apples, walnuts, and honey.
Panko encrusted Goat Cheese rounds.
Olives, Oil & vinegar, French baguette. 
Profiteroles with ice cream, berries, and chocolate sauce.

Thanks to Gigi, Komal, and Sujata for playing French with me! 
What themed dinner party would you like to attend?