Chai Give Away Winner

The three eligible candidates for the Chai Giveaway were Gigi, Angel, and my sis Deepal. And the winner is:

Angel, may I suggest that you go play the lottery today. It’s your lucky day!!
Your prize will be in the mail tomorrow.
Gigi, come by anytime and I’ll make you chai. Perhaps you, Komal, and I should have tea sometime.
Didi, greed is not good. Didn’t mom teach you that. I’ll make you some chai the next time I see you; I’ll leave out the surprises this time.
In other important news, my mother-in-law (mom2) took me to Little India on Devon Street this weekend. I am ashamed to say that before this I had never been there. She bought me a ton of groceries and I’ll be sharing some awesome recipes with you in the coming day.
Have a great Monday folks.  

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