Chai Give Away.

I am excited to see that people commented on my Chai post from November for two reasons.

  1. At least two of you are not lazy. It is much easier to walk to a Starbucks and buy a Tall Chai than go to an Indian Grocery store, buy the goods, and make it at home.
  2. People other than my Dad and Gigi read this blog.

I am celebrating this momentous milestone by announcing a second Give-Away in the history of this fine blog. ho ho ho!

First the Rules:
Please post a comment between Today, December 6th and Monday, December 13th on any of my posts. Hopefully you’ll say something nice like Good Job, or I’m not your dad but love the blog anyway, or I love free things, or whatever else you might please (this is a family blog so be considerate). You will receive one entry for each of your comment. On Monday night, I will put all the names in a hat and randomly select a winner who will be announced on Tuesday December 14th. I am a poor blogger at the moment so shipping will be limited to continental US, BUT if you live elsewhere in the world, I still want to hear from you. It will make my day! Got that? Now Spread the word!

Second, the Jackpot:
You will receive a bag of Wagh Bakri Chai.

MDH Tea-Plus Masala.

And a mesh Tea strainer.

You are on your own for sugar and ginger. A recipe card will be included.

Good Luck folks.

7 thoughts on “Chai Give Away.

  1. Komal, I'd save on shipping AND I could come by for a hot cup of chai. Double dipping!

    Mona, I already know you have some Wagh Bakri at home = ). I miss you. Thanks for keeping up with my musings all the way from Autralia.

  2. awww… darn it!!! i missed the give away. i got distracted with work and school and i didn't check in this week and i missed to enter for the contest =( .
    i am such a regular—-reading your blog posts is part of my routine entertainment…so, echoing the anonymous comment above, i am gonna say, pls 'keep going'!!!

  3. Can't help but posting for the greed of Chai. Infact I have 3 packs of wagh bakri sitting in my pantry. But can't have enough somehow. For me its like one of the basic 3 things to survive. Chika can be a good evidence of that. She use to fix tea for me and my cousin when we had to study late nights in India.It is really hard to make good tea and somehow chika never mastered the art. She used to put all kinds of wierd things in it and every time we took the first sip we'd prepare ourselves for a surprise. We still loved you for the effort Chika. Its hard to find people my age in America who share a similar passion for tea . One of the things I miss the most about being backhome-The mid night tea festivities!
    This Christmas, along with a lot of fun I wish all the readers some memorable midnight tea festivities….Deepal

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