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I have kept a running log (on and off) for a little over a year. I was looking through it this weekend hoping to find some inspiration and validation. What I found was not only that, but also funny and grammatically bad. So here are a handful of (unedited) lines from my running log. I apologize in advance.

May 25 2009.
Serina apologized to me for making me run slow and short. Me fast? What? Only by comparison, but was glad to hear it.

May 27 2009. On my first ever track workout.
I can do this. I loved it. I want to run faster. Dreaming of a 21:00 5K. Or under?

June 3 2009.
Look up “halfassed” in the dictionary and you’ll find my name beside it…I want to be a good runner. I really want this more than anything else at the moment. That’s why it hurts when I half ass this.

June 11 2009 paying my homage to the RED FOX. Not creepy at all.
Secretly I want to be very much like Jake. He works tirelessly and that only means I have to work tirelessly x 10. It’s good to have him as a constant reminder on what can come of this.

July 12 2009
6 mile run on the newly discovered part of Beach Dr. Lovely. Some uphill. Good challenge. Next time I’ll try to make it out to the zoo. No knee or ankle pain. Short bike ride later in the evening.

Sept 14 2009. RED FOX blog post from Sept 12 2009 on inspiration
…it will soon come, it always does.

February 3 2010. After running 6.5 miles on the National Mall; with a splash of randomness.
My legs felt tired but my heart felt happy…I rushed home and ate a piece of toast with cup of frozen spinach, mixed peppers, marinara sauce, and cheese. I am liking this combination. Left room for Bullet Bourbon (BB) with Jake. Definitely drank a little more than intended. Scent of a woman is one of my top 5 favorite movies of all time. I should own it.

February 6 2010. Snowpocalypse
Epic Blizzard. No running. Lots of walking and shoveling. I could have run but didn’t plan it well enough. BB to end the night. 750 ml of BB finished between Friday night and Saturday night. OMG

March 14 2010.
It’s countdown to wedding day. Must start eating better

March 25 2010
5 miles on treadmill. Had a good run. Again felt like I could go on for several more miles. Carb Loading before a run is helping. But I’ve been craving carbs like it’s my job. I’ve gained a pound and a half in a day and a half. I’m always hungry.

March 30 2010
Speed. Speed. Speed.
Endurance. Endurance. Endurance.
Hills. Hills. Hills.

April 22 2010. Blog comment from RED FOX
“… run in new places, run with new people, run on trails, run up hills, run downhills – basically mix it up as best you can. In doing so hopefully you will run MORE and in doing so hopefully you will run BETTER.”

May 3 2010.
Unexpected day off from running. Fell asleep around 9pm while reading Bill Bryson’s in a sunburned country. 11 hours of sleep felt good. Not too much regret.

May 17 last log of run.

November 1 2011
Log resurrected.

Do you keep a running journal or a diary? Do you read your old entries for inspiration?

One thought on “Words of wisdom

  1. This is the quote I remember to psych myself up before running… I am not quite sure who said it but I like it….heheh

    “The only good race pace is suicide pace, and today looks like a good day to die.”

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