I am a cookbook junkie. Let’s get that out of the way.

For my bridal shower, I had asked my girl friends to give me one of their favorite recipes as a gift. It felt like it was the best way to keep thinking about them for the rest of my life. They went a step further and put together a scrap book with cooking ideas, tips, pictures, recipes, and lots of love.

It is my favorite recipe book. It gives me comfort and it makes me smile. It feels like a personal hug from each of the girls every time I open it.

One of my unfinished business was to start using the recipes in this book on an everyday basis and add more pages as life goes on.

Last night I made Annie’s Soy-Ginger Chicken. Devang thanks you Annie! It was so easy and delicious. Angel’s honey wheat bread with coffee and cocoa is currently rising. Geeta’s cilantro hummus is what I’m taking with me for a halloween party later tonight.

Angel, Christina, Komal, Geeta, Anchal, Annie, and Steph. Thanks for wishing me a life full of good food and drinks! It’s working.

One thought

  1. Glad you and Dev enjoyed it! I'll have to let my parents know that they successfully gave me a recipe that was passed on to others! :)


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