Coffee Cake

Not too long ago, I had a request from Neel for a healthy coffee cake. If you’ve ever had a slice of coffee cake you know that such a request is blasphemous. The buttery cake, layered with an even more buttery crumb of walnuts, brown sugar, and cinnamon is difficult to downsize. But before a hasty reply of such a thing isn’t worth eating, I decided to check Joy of Baking. This is my favorite online baking website. Besides the cornucopia of delicious recipes and pictures, it houses terrific information on history of baked goods, ingredients, substitutions, and the general science of baking. On the same note, I find this website superior to most others because it gives instructions on where to place the oven rack, what size cake pan to use and why, and other such information often overlooked by other websites. And believe me, it does make a difference.

The Coffee Cake recipe on Joy of Baking is not only delicious but healthier than what you tend to find in cafes and grocery stores. It uses only 10 tbps of butter for a cake that would easily serve 12 people. Additionally, the use of plain yogurt ( I used fat free) adds a lot of moistness and richness. It was quick to prepare and I was happy to report that even the picky people in my life approved of the taste and texture. The only thing that I would change next time is adding an equal amount of crumb in the middle of the cake layers as on the top. Oh, and this freezes very well if you choose not to share or devour it all at once. Cut it in wedges (or not) and freeze. If not fresh out of the oven, nuke it for a few seconds and it’s as good as new. Equally tasty with a cup of strong coffee or warm milk.

As my contribution to this weekend’s party (my sister is throwing me a Bridal Shower) I plan on making this for the lovely ladies. I hope they like it.

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