2010: Radically Promising

Aren’t lists the best!? I made mine for all the things I want to accomplish in the year 2010 and I am already pumped! Here are some of my action plans, categorized, with the goal to make 2010 another happy and healthy year.

Speak Italian
Change a tire
Sew a skirt and an apron
Play one tune on the guitar
Sharpen a knife

Play board games
Camp on the beach
Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen
Watch Casablanca
Watch top 10 movies of all time
Visit the National Cathedral
Visit Arlington Cemetery
Visit Cousin and Friend in Denver
Coffee with HP
Take a vacation with Sister

Run at least 75 miles per month
Go skiing/XC skiing
Learn to surf
Go Kayaking-Canoeing on the Potomac
Plan a night group bike ride
Run a half marathon in October
Hike part of the Appalachian Trail in Shenandoah Valley
Ride the entire RCP Trail
Sub 1:20 at the Cherry Blossom 2010
Build Better Abs

Cook with my Grandma
Make Pasta from scratch
Make a soufflé
Make 5 recipes from Julia’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking
Cook dinner for mom and dad
Grow an Herb Garden
Make soup in Crockpot
Taste Cherry Pie.
Bake more Bread

A DSLR camera
Camping Gear
A chef’s knife

Start planning for my epic trip to Northern India/Nepal in 2011
Read > TV
Crossword puzzles

And of course, save puppies and bring world peace.

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