Friday Musings

One often wonders, especially on Fridays when productivity is not a priority, what else could I be doing? Is there a job out there where I won’t bitch and whine? Is it possible to find work which will make my soul dance? On some days, I can muster up a few options, but mostly the dream dies when we talk qualifications. I am trained in the business of finances. It’s all paper. It’s all numbers. And since the bubble burst, it’s all just sludge.

Nevertheless I am still employed in this profession, reaping the pleasures of a steady pay check, bonuses, paid vacations, and fantastic health care. I have no right to complain or to be dissatisfied. Hence I won’t complain.

Today, just for fun, I came up with a list of jobs that I fancy. Perhaps my understanding of them is influenced by TV shows and books only but nonetheless I am still intrigued and want to try all of these at least once in my life:

Working on a farm/ranch: It’s in my blood. My great grandfather was a farmer. My grandfather was a farmer/grocer. And though my dad decided to take a different path, he has kept the little farm house in our village in India. I have toyed with the idea of moving there for a stretch of time to live a farmer’s life. Or what about an olive estate in Italy or Spain? Anywhere really, where I can experience the hardships and rewards of working from dawn to dusk, pulling weeds and getting shit thrown in my face, literally.
Working in a bakery: Not as a waitress or a cashier but rather behind the scenes as a prep chef/dishwasher/bus boy. My knife skills aren’t great, but I can knead dough all day long without any problems. Additionally, I am excellent at cleaning.
Working as a Designer’s assistant: I’ve volunteered with a couple of Arts organizations and worked with some amazingly creative people. I’ve concluded that my creativity will never pay, but, I can make money off of someone else’s ideas by making it happen!
A travel show coordinator: I want to be the person who gets to travel with the host doing whatever I have to do. Specifically I want to work with Ian Wright from Globe Trekker. Zane Lamprey from Three Sheets would be a second choice.
Being a Lifelong Volunteer: To be rent free and instead just volunteer around the world, constantly traveling to amazing places and teaching, rebuilding, helping.

Dance away…

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