Arts Appreciation

If you ever find yourself on the campus of American University in DC, make sure to wonder the halls and classrooms in the Kogod School of Business. This is where I spent most of my evenings for two years while earning my Masters. At the time I was too tired, too distracted, and too hungry to appreciate the fabulous art that hangs on the walls inside. Rumor has it that when Robert and Arlene Kogod made their generous donation to establish the school, they also donated some of their art collection, including a couple of Jackson Pollocks, with the hope to inspire and delight the thousands of students who would pass these walls for the next several decades. Robert Kogod even went to the extent of deciding where each piece would hang.

Following is one such piece so carefully chosen and placed by Mr. Kogod in the first floor classroom in Harris Lounge. Many students, including myself, have spent countless hours staring at this while pretending to listen to our professors. The same thought has run through our heads: What is this? Is it a melting lipstick, or a small man with big shoes being crushed under a giant hat, or Something Else. What’s your guess?

Whatever it is, I can assure you that it is more famous and loved than that Pollock upstairs.


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