Gentlemen products I seem to enjoy

I love this goofy picture of Devang and our two best buds Raj and Jay.  All three are very much the man’s man type.  And speaking of…

I have a natural affinity for things made for men. Dev will be the first to tell you of all his things that I’ve quietly packed and brought home with me over the years. And even though I rarely read Komal’s Cosmo magazine, Neel has accused me of visiting him just so that I can read the latest edition of MAXIM ( an accusation only…as stated)

Here is a list of other man things that I love and use on a regular basis:

-Hanes tag less white undershirts. Size small.
-Men’s disposable three blade razors.
-Old Spice After Hours body spray.
-Gillette anti-perspirant/deodorant (this one makes sense b/c I sweat like a man. Sorry for the TMI) and shaving gel (which seems to be better than anything for women; I am guessing because it is for a man’s face and not just other parts).
-The black belt that I wear with my dress pants/skirts was made for men. I originally borrowed it from a guy friend in College. He forgot about it and I scored. Till date it is the only black belt I own.
-Watches. Presently, I am wearing my dad’s Kenneth Cole rectangular faced watch.
-Colognes. Although I don’t own one right now. I generously squirt Dev’s cologne anytime he is around.
-Currently, I am on the lookout for a nice wallet. Not a clutch, or a small purse. A Wallet. A wallet which will hold my things and nicely slide in my back pocket.
-Lastly, although not official categorized as a man’s drink, I usually prefer bourbon, whiskey and scotch over Cosmos and other mixed drinks.

I hope I’m not alone in believing that some things are better made when made for men. This also begs the question, do you men out there use things made specifically for us women folk? A little Lavender in your dryer sheets anyone?

3 thoughts on “Gentlemen products I seem to enjoy

  1. LOL, I dont think you have confessed too much. I think I already knew most :)

    By the way, were you in any way specifically pointing out Neel with the lavendar dryer sheets?? Sorry Neel your spot has been blown up! Since Chika likes your Maxim Neel, is there by any chance a more womanly magazine you enjoy? Just wondering ;)

  2. Oh my word!!! I always blamed my preference for ‘man things’ over things made for women on my growing up with boys. It’s really nice to hear that it’s not the result of lack of a ‘girlie’ input in my upbringing..hehe…
    Can't go wrong with ‘Old Spice’ anything. The one and only belt I currently own which I use with every pair of pants is boy’s belt. Men’s cologne is far more tolerable than women’s perfume. It is just the fact. Men’s shorts and t-shirts are more comfortable than women’s…. this one is another fact. I could go on and on… You summed it up pretty well, Chika : “some things are better made when made for men”.

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