Hey Boston, I’m coming to you.

I am headed to Boston tonight. The plan is to spend part of the weekend with my friend Angel who is finishing grad school at Tufts. The last time we hung out was over a year ago in Frankfurt, Germany shooting €1 jagermeister in a bar behind our hostel. The plan this time is to have just as much fun but with a Dark and Stormy in hand. We have planned a Saturday road trip/ferry trip to Cape Cod/Martha’s Vineyard. I’m sure we’ll find a farmer’s market at some point, run by the Charles river, and eat lots of ice cream.

Saturday evening I’m headed south to see another dear friend in Connecticut. Mega bus is taking me to Hartford where I get to celebrate in my friend Dhara’s baby shower. I have planned some games and such. I get to wear one of my new Indian outfits, eat Indian food, and have a great time.

Expect postcards. Unless I get distracted by those Dark and Stormys, then don’t expect postcards.

Feel free to send area must-sees and must-eats.


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