On weddings…

I’ve been meaning to share this picture for a while now. Meet my friend Hiramani and his beautiful bride Harita. They got married a month ago in India. Since I was in town, I crashed the wedding festivities which spanned for days and included a couple of thousand guests; no kidding. It’s easy to get lost in such a big wedding, but Hiramani and I have been friends since Kindergarten and that pretty much makes me family.

Being family comes with special benefits. It’s a free pass to behave like royalty for the day and knowing me, I abused the privilege many times. Besides being fed and waited upon like a queen, I decided to also shout at the poor cameraman and his entourage. You see, there were at least 5 videographers and 10 photographers recording the ceremony from every possible angle. It was impossible for me and my fuji to see the beautiful couple. So from time to time I had to yell and push to get close enough for a photo opp. But they saw Hiramani laughing at me, and figured I was an important member of the family and let me be.

When I finally uploaded the wedding pictures, I couldn’t believe how calm the bride and the groom look. Despite the loud music, the cameras, the lights, about a thousand guests, the singing, the talking, the general craziness of a 3 hour wedding ceremony, they seem so unperturbed.

Being on the verge of getting married myself, I have made it a point to look at this picture from time to time, to remind myself that no matter how long the guest list gets, no matter how crazy the planning gets, I want to look as calm and beautiful and happy as she.

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