weekend report

Friday night: Stayed in. Woke up at 3:00am (I think it was) to the sound of someone trying to break in my room. Thankfully, it was only Neel high on life and other things. Got out of bed, chatted briefly with Neel, Komal, and G. Ate a couple of butter cookies and went back to bed.

Saturday: Woke up at 8:30am and ran 5 miles in Rock Creek Park. Made breakfast. Went to the Library. Then headed out for a bike ride on Beach Dr. Cleaned up in time to grill out before leaving for Jason Mraz concert. Got rained on for the entire 4 hours. Yelled “I love you Jason” about a hundred times. Came home around midnight, showered, ate, and watched Taken with G. Went to bed at 3:00am.

Sunday: Reluctantly woke up for a 9:00am run at Riley’s Lock. 7.5 miles in mud and slush. Ran by a flock (?) of vultures feasting on some dead thing. Came home. Showered and passed out for the rest of the afternoon. I had fallen asleep with the TV on PBS. At some point, my dreams got tangled with America’s Test Kitchen where Julia Davison was demonstrating how to make the perfect yellow cake with chocolate frosting. I woke up with the worst cravings for a chocolate cake. Sadly we had none at home. I instead found a jar of chocolate ganache that I had made about 6 months ago . To my surprise, it was still good. I added some nuts and spooned away. Ended the day with Che and Motorcycle Diaries.

Good weekend.

At the concert.

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