over worked

Yesterday, I decided to skip my group run to hang out in Bethesda. I would have felt guilty about this split second decision (I was literally at a fork with one road going to the running store and the other towards happy hour in Bethesda), but the lightning in the blue skies made me feel better. I’ll run in rain, heat, and snow, but never when it’s lightening. (I made up this rule yesterday.)

As a result, I woke up early this morning and ran 5 miles before leaving for work. It’s difficult for me to rise earlier than usual, but the satisfaction of knowing that my Friday evening is free for other shenanigans is more than worth it.

However, work has been a bitch today. They’ve worked me like a farm animal. In addition to minding a closing, I’ve had to handle all this other unexpected garbage. Then, there were more than the usual amounts of morons asking moronic questions. My fingers are bloody from replying to a million emails. My brain is fried. I don’t think I will be up to any shenanigans today.

May be a bike ride will clear things up.

Hope your Friday is unfolding better than mine.

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