My new bike – Trek 7100

Post Script: Although, I never came around to naming my first bike, I had so much fun riding it on all the trails in Washington DC Metro area.  The bike even made it to Chicago during my move in 2011.  But Chicago being more of a concrete jungle, I never could muster enough courage to ride it on the roads.  Eventually I did over come that fear and after a few pleasant rides on the Lake Shore trail, I took it on the road to work.  After the first day of commuting to work this way, I felt so accomplished.  The bubble soon burst though when it was stolen on the second day.  Apparently I hadn’t bothered to upgrade my cheap wire lock for a more heavy duty city lock.  I would eventually get over the pain and buy a new bike (Hi Linus) and use it fearlessly to do everything in Chicago, but the first love always lives.  I miss my TREK a lot. It severed me well and I thank it for all the fond memories and I guess apologies for never taking the time to name it.  Godspeed. 


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